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What is Luminary Nail Systems Multi-Flex Gel?

Do I need a base coat?

Why do I need Luminary?

Why will my clients want Luminary?

Recommend Application Method

What curing lamp should I use?

Can I do gel manicures, overlay and use with tip/extensions?

Do I have to use primer?

Can I apply gel color on top?

Why are my gel polishes discoloring over Luminary?

Can I create extensions with Multi-Flex Gel?

Transitioning to Luminary from Hard Gel/Acrylic

Heat Spikes: How to prevent and explain

How to prevent lifting and chipping

Is This Product Good For Nail Bitters?

Should I Up-Charge when using Luminary?

Are Your Products Vegan/Cruelty Free?

Are you products 5-free?

Empower Matte & Empower No Wipe Troubleshooting

Shelf Life

Polish Bottle vs. Refill Bottle


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Where and How Can I Become Certified in Luminary Application?

How Can I Become A Luminary Certified Educator?

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