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What Is Luminary Nail Systems Multi-Flex Gel?

Multi-Flex Gel is a soak-able builder gel in a bottle, base and color in one.  Medium viscosity, self-leveling and hard as "nails", no pun intended.  It can be used for a little extra strength under your regular gel polish manicure, it can be the gel polish manicure itself, it can be used as an overlay with structure, it can be used to extend the natural nail, it can be used over a tip application.  It can be used for pretty much anything you will need to do in the salon.  It is just the best gel ever!

Recommended application:

1. Prep 

2. Use our primer “Commit” if you plan on filing down and filling. If you plan on soaking off you can apply “Commit” to the free edge or not at all, your choice. This gel has great adhesion on its own.

3. Apply a thin layer of Multi-Flex and cure for 60 sec LED or 2 min UV

4. Grab a larger amount and work from cuticle to free edge, floating the gel or do a few thin layers. What's amazing about this gel is there are no rules. Apply as thick or as thin as you'd like.

5. OPTIONAL: Turn your clients hand upside down, let the gel form a perfect arch (moving with a small detail brush if necessary)

6. Turn your clients hand back over, let the gel settle back down, check your line of light and have them immediately go into the lamp. Work 1 finger at a time.

7. Apply gel polish if desired and cure

8. Apply “Empower” top coat, cure 60 sec LED, 2 min UV

9. Cleanse if necessary and you're finished!

*Side Note* If you feel the need to finish file after your base application you may do so, but before applying gel color or top coat apply a layer of “Commit” first to ensure proper adhesion of the gel polish.


Can Multi-Flex Gel be used for gel manicures or hard gel overlays?

The answer to this question is BOTH!  You can apply our gel as thin or as thick as you would like.  It will add strength to any manicure.


Do I have to use primer?

No, however if you are doing a soak-off gel manicure we recommend that you apply our primer "Commit" to the tips and free edge of the nail.  If you are using Multi-Flex Gel for an "Enhancement" and would like to "fill" your clients nails then the answer is yes primer is recommended.  Remember that every single client is different, some will need primer where others wont, you know your client best.


Do I need a base coat?

Nope! Our gel is a base and color in one! 


Can I apply gel color on top?

Absolutely! Most brands of gel color will work with our system.  After curing our Multi-Flex Gel just apply gel color and cure.  If you feel you need to finish file, make sure to cleanse nail well and allow to dry, then apply you gel color like normal.


 How do I deal with the "Heat Spike"?

As with most gel systems your client may experience a bit of a heat spike depending on the thickness of the gel.  We recommend using a LED lamp with a dimming feature (half power) or one with a hard gel setting.  If you are using a full power lamp, try having your client go in and pull out after about 5-8 seconds (flash cure).  Once should be enough but depending on your clients sensitivity level, you may want to repeat the flash cure.


Do you have "Brand Ambassadors"?

At this time no.  In the near future we will have a highly trained team of "Educators".  If you are interested in an opportunity please e-mail  Include a short bio of yourself, how long you have been in the nail industry and social media information for consideration.


Do you offer discounts?

Occasionally we will, sign up for our newsletter to be notified.


Do you have a Facebook Group?

Yes!  Find us by searching "Luminary Nail Systems Oregon" on Facebook.


Are you on Instagram?

Yes!  Luminary_nail_systems_oregon  Make sure to tag us in your pictures, we love to share!


Do you offer education classes?

It is in the works!  Sign up for our newsletter to be notified of classes in your area or please feel free to email us at 


Should I up-charge when I use your product?

That is definitely a personal choice, but we believe the answer is absolutely!  You will notice a dramatic difference with our product vs. other gel brands.  Multi-Flex Gel has numerous benefits that you can "sell" to your clients:

1. As strong as acrylic/hard gel so your client can grow their natural nails without any breaks.

2. Lasts much longer than a traditional gel manicure.

3. Since it's a base and color in one they will have no chipping of gel polish.

Trust us when we say, your clients will tell your over and over how much they love to wear this product.

Let them try it once for no additional charge. Your clients will come running back to tell you how much they love to wear this product.  They will have no problem paying the additional cost.

Most importantly, charge what you are worth!!


Are your products Vegan/Cruelty free?



Are you products 5-free?



What are the ingredients in Multi-Flex Gel?

Ethyl Acetate, Isobornyl Methacrylate, Trimethylolpropane Triacrylate, Bis(2-Methacryloxyethyl)Phosphate, 1-Hydroxycyclohexyl Phenyl Ketone, Acrylate Copolymers, Mix Pigments


Polish Bottle vs. Refill Bottle

We are asked all the time if the product in the refill is different that the product in the polish bottle.  The answer is no!  The exact same product is in both, the refill just gives you a ton of gel to put into your cute little pink jar so it's easier to grab a large dollop.


Where do I find MDS?

Please feel free to make a note at check out or send an e-mail to to request a copy of the MDS.